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Very first post

Ok here is the first post. I think I will start the community off with a poem.

The smoke intertwines with the thoughts that unwind from inside my head.
Drifting off towards space
without a thought, vanishing without a trace.
Leaving a sublime tale in it's wake.

I weave stories out of netting of a better time and more beautiful place.
Stars fall out the sky to get twisted in the tide and brought in on the trails of light.
We whisper to each other of a grand scheme of another.
A quest in which we wish we could join
Our fate hanging in the balance being decided on the flip of a coin.
The adventure would begin
And we would be off to save the world again

But somewhere along the way I forgot how to play and lost my imagination to the reality I live in.
And when I think of silver bells and the magic buried within ourselves it is these tales I imagine wise men tell.
Of how things used to be
And of the fantasy we used to see
Of how things are
And how things used to be
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