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[28 Jan 2004|05:36pm]

A twisted mask grinning in irony
The jester chuckles low in his throat
All the yesterdays that have ended in tragedy
have long since changed the fate of hope
The person that cried has died
under her watchful eye
And in it's place was left a sinister joke
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Song fic [28 Jan 2004|05:34pm]

I feel terrible for neglecting this journal so I decided to post some stuff I had sitting around my own journal. Sorry if this is crossposted.

BelieveCollapse )

Song used in fic is Believe by the band Savatage. All lyrics are in italics. All other words are mine please do not use fic without permission.
Feedback more then welcomed.

I want to thank my 'Beta Goddess', philomel, for taming my horrific punctuation and slightly wonky grammar.
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[13 Oct 2003|06:31am]

[ mood | nervous ]

Umm, just wrote this now. But I just had this need to put it out there, here, even though it may be a rough draft. Probably needs major editing. I'm not sure if it's a prose poem... or, well, I kind of approached it as and I think it might... sort of... be a drabble... which I've never done before. heh. Here goes.

Sin-eaterCollapse )

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[10 Oct 2003|04:31am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

A short story slightly revamped that I wrote a while back.Collapse )

Warnings for angst and fluff. It's really a fanfic but I'm not saying anymore about that. I'll leave it to your imagination to pick your favorite pairing. If there are any mistakes you'll have to forgive me it's unbeta'd.

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RPG Community [07 Oct 2003|03:07am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

well I opened a role playing community . thanks to lady_evergreen giving me a code of hers . thanks to her for that , but please do jion it will but very much fun for all & please make sure you read the rules . endlessrealms

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The Life To Come... [28 Sep 2003|02:31pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

The Life To Come

This life is merely the breath
a singer takes before singing an aria.
This life is merely the blink of an eternal eye.
This life is mortal and all that we know and see
will wither and die.
The life to come is what really matters.

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[28 Sep 2003|06:53am]

Trapped in your fortress
caged behind glass
Your wings have been clipped
Your desires come last
My heart breaks to see you
so beautiful but sad
If only he knew
what you were going through
that it was driving you mad

I know you will fly
or break upon the stone
of the walls that hold you
and make you feel utterly alone
I give my body mind and soul
to the act of rescuing you
as the world grows old
I will follow as your shadow
giving you respite from the storm

I will shelter your body from eyes that are cold
It is your life I will defend
it is to this vow I hold
for I pledged my oath
to protect and serve
to this promise I hold true
for it's the least you deserve
it's all I can do
to make sure you can roam
just to know you have found home
on my honor I swore
you'd never be alone
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one of my newer songs [21 Sep 2003|04:41am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Fallen From Grace

1st Verse: It seems like a long time ago . Or once a upon as those things go . That the love we had was bright . Now its faded & almost gone . Saddness difts through a place where love once dwelt . As the merioes play like a movie before my eyes .

2nd verse: Time passed us by oh we where so happy . not a care in the world .Then everything came crashing down. The dream we had vanished like a broken slience.

Many lives many dreams oh look how far we have fallen.things keep getting more & more twisted . as the days go by . fallen , fallen from grace .

feed back welcome

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one of my fan fic's [21 Sep 2003|04:37am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

The Warrior Woman & The Elf Prince

Chapter 1

Sighed softly & sat up waited for him when he came in to the clearing he give her cocky grin & leaned against a tree . " Your father has sent me to find you & bring you back to talk with him . " Mel rolled her eyes wondered what he wanted this time . " What does he want or did he say" * The elf in front of her blinked & thought for a second *" No he didnt say all that I was told is that I was to go & find you & your to come back to speak to him . " Mel got up dusted herself off noticed the lustful eyes that roamed her body while she did this . " Have you got a staring problem or would you like me to come a bit closer . " He gulped & braced against the tree. All the cockiness gone from him looked now like a scared little boy ." I thought as much your nothing but a child trying to act mature to get my attention. " Give him a rueful smile as she walked by & was soon back home .

Walked into her father study & leaned against the wall in a very unlady like manner just annoy him . He looked up form the piles of paper work on his desk when she came in . Then shook his head raising a burrow at her manner. " Please sit & in a lady like way remember your position. Now I know your leaving for Mirkwood torrow which is why I wanted to talk with you now . I wanted to see if I could strike a deal with you that way we both could be well better settled about this ." Now it was Mel turn to be surprised it showed on her face through she quickly tried to hide it . "Are you feeling alright father ? " He had seen that look on her face through before she could hide it & there was satisfied smirk now on his ." Oh Im feeling quite fine . Now the deal is that if Im not satisfied that when you have returned that you can thoroughly take care of yourself . Then you will marry what ever elf I pick out for you . Can you handle this ?" Sighed & looked him sight in the eyes ." You promise not to pick a stuck up jerk please . I will agree to this but I dont want to live with someone like that for the rest of my life ." Her father frowned . " I would never do that . I just want you to be safe & happy ." Bit her lip but didnt say anything else but got up nodded to him as she went out . Went to find her mother & found her in the garden tending her crystal roses. " Mother did you have any idea of what just talked with me about . " Eyed her closely . " Yes my dear it seemed the only way to get some peace around here . Besides it be good thing it keep you focused & make sure you do well. So that wont happen." Rolled her eyes at her mother but she knew it was a good thing to keep peace in the royal family .//

Feed back welcome

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[21 Sep 2003|03:58am]

fleeting and grim
dangerous to your sanity when it can't be summoned on a whim
realization dawning
and then honey dripping from your pen
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[21 Sep 2003|03:54am]

Here I am
laid to rest
with my hand upon my breast
A tear slips from beneath my lash
I cry for all I've lost
and I cry for all I've gained
through tearstains, and life, and it's cost
For the pain
And everyday it's rained
If this is my final act
The last thing I get to say
At least in that final tear
is a lifetime of emotion
And a fitting final tribute I pay
In the embrace of deaths unending
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[21 Sep 2003|03:50am]

tight tight clenched
focusing on a point too hard to touch
growing tension the line is taunt
spiraling dedication
and it makes me want to vomit
maybe seeking vindication
time to explode and score a hit
lie down and die
or release the energy
take a breath nice and slow
then scream
and unleash the fiend
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Paint... [21 Sep 2003|03:15am]


I feel painted
Like colors light and cracked
In the Sistine Chapel in Rome
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Breathing In Fumes... [20 Sep 2003|02:07am]

Hee hee! I'm so excited about this new community! Not that I'm biased or anything because the creator and moderator is one of my best friends. So for my first entry I will post one of my poems that I wrote a long time ago. It's one of my favorites because I think it captures depression really well which I still struggle with from time to time.

Breathing In Fumes

I dance to the music in my mind
my hands weave incense like a gypsy
darkness all around
trapped in my box
my own private place
sometimes i sleep and never want to wake
the door is locked and concealed behind the witch hazel
I have my bed, my doll, my dreams
the only arms that hold me are my own
and the smoke rises from the red hot floor
my pictures come alive on the wall
and look like an old ten cent movie reel
I bow my head and sing my song
until my eyes grow dark and holy
I dance to the music in my mind
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Very first post [20 Sep 2003|01:25am]

[ mood | excited ]

Ok here is the first post. I think I will start the community off with a poem.

The smoke intertwines with the thoughts that unwind from inside my head.
Drifting off towards space
without a thought, vanishing without a trace.
Leaving a sublime tale in it's wake.

I weave stories out of netting of a better time and more beautiful place.
Stars fall out the sky to get twisted in the tide and brought in on the trails of light.
We whisper to each other of a grand scheme of another.
A quest in which we wish we could join
Our fate hanging in the balance being decided on the flip of a coin.
The adventure would begin
And we would be off to save the world again

But somewhere along the way I forgot how to play and lost my imagination to the reality I live in.
And when I think of silver bells and the magic buried within ourselves it is these tales I imagine wise men tell.
Of how things used to be
And of the fantasy we used to see
Of how things are
And how things used to be

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